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Sugar and Spice Meets Coffee and Ice

Tis the season for 40 Below Joe

As leaves take on their comfy colors and sweaters make their fall debut, one thing is clear: the coziest time of the year is here. With the release of pumpkin spice and peppermint mocha, 40 Below Joe’s new flavors will have you settling in with a good book, your favorite flannel, and a spoon in no time.

There’s no better combination than fall and coffee. Curt Jones, inventor of Dippin Dots, brings these two things to life with 40 Below Joe: an edible espresso treat. Similar to Dippin Dots, Jones uses cryogenic freezing technology to capture peak freshness and transform espresso into little frozen beads bursting with fresh flavor. Jones also uses natural spices and sweeteners to add delectable creamer beads into the mix. Simply put, 40 Below Joe’s technology allows you to enjoy the richest elements of coffee in the most unique form possible.

With this in mind, how could you pass up the flavorful fun of 40 Below Joe’s seasonal options? Autumn now has the perfect coffee companion in the form of pumpkin spice. Swirls of pumpkin pie and hints of espresso have never been so well combined in a single frozen cup. Good tidings continue with peppermint mocha. This festive combination of smooth chocolaty espresso and crunchy peppermint candies leaves you feeling nothing short of cozy. To add to the comfort, feel free to enjoy either of these flavors as a frozen treat or warm drink. The frozen beads, with the help of water and a microwave or steamer, transform into a hot coffee as fresh as a new cup of joe.

These new 40 Below Joe flavors, and traditional flavors alike, are more than just delicious. The masterminds behind this company have a passion for exceptional ingredients. “I’ve always been big about ingredients,” stated Jones, “Growing up on a farm, I know what good ingredients should be.” It all starts with with the espresso. “Our coffee,” Jones describes, “is made with high quality arabica beans from South and Central America.” The creamers, on the other hand, use coconut milk and almond milk as a delicious base. With the help of real sugar, natural spices and flavors bring each unique flavor to life. Pumpkin spice includes authentic pumpkin pie seasoning while peppermint mocha blends real peppermint candies and organic cocoa. All of these tasty and genuine ingredients find themselves packed into a sub-100 calorie cup friendly to dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan, and kosher dietary needs. Soon, 40 Below Joe will also have its organic certification. Jones’ creation goes above and beyond your average cup of flavored coffee.

Let’s not forget that 40 Below Joe has six flavors that you can enjoy year round. First and foremost, the traditional house blend contains pure espresso. “That’s for the real coffee lover,” Jones remarked. With coconut milk, french vanilla brings a smooth flavor. Vanilla, its almond milk counterpart, stands as a sweet staple. The richness of hazelnut cannot be passed up. Salted caramel, meanwhile, adds a slight savory twist. Last but not least, find the dynamic duo of chocolate and coffee in the mocha flavor. So, which one is your favorite? “Mine is salted caramel,” confessed Jones, “I just love that little tint of caramel in there.”

While working within the GCU Innovation Center, Jones is finding new ways to stock the flavors your love across the country at various locations. As an exclusive business incubator, the GCU Innovation Center houses Curt and part of his team as he looks to hire Grand Canyon University students and promote business expansion. As of late, the team has already placed the product in local locations including:

  • Grand Canyon Beverage Company, located on Grand Canyon University's Campus

  • Canyon 49 Grill

  • New York Bagels N’ Bialys

  • Jerrod’s Coffee, Tea & Gallery

  • Banner Health and Medical Center

With fall in full swing and winter just around the corner, pumpkin spice and peppermint mocha are here. 40 Below Jow puts a fun and tasty spin on your favorite cozy flavors.

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