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What to Consider Before Buying a Camera

When you are first getting into photography, deciding which camera to buy can be difficult. A high-quality camera is no small investment, and it will become your main tool of the trade throughout your work.

When deciding on a camera, there are three bands that stand out above the rest: Canon, Nikon and Sony. All three offer great quality options for both beginners and professionals.

In a beautiful setting like Phoenix, Arizona, owning a high-quality camera is worthwhile. It’s hard to go wrong with Canon, Nikon or Sony, but choosing the right camera for your style can make all the difference in your photography!

You Are the Photographer, Not Your Camera

It’s critical to remember that having a good camera will not suddenly make you an exceptional photographer. If you are unhappy with how your photos are turning out, it can be easy to blame the gear.

Work on your techniques before ditching your gear. Don’t let your only reason for buying a new camera be because you aren’t liking your photos. It’s key to understand exactly why you want to switch brands, and how it will benefit your photography.

Know Your Specialty

When deciding on a camera, know what kind of photographer or videographer you are and what you enjoy shooting. Know whether you’re mainly a portrait photographer, wedding photographer, nature photographer, sports photographer, you prefer video or all of the above. This will make it much easier to narrow down which specs you want to prioritize.

Here are a few qualities that distinguish the three most popular brands from each other.


Canon cameras are known for the vibrant colors that they produce. Canon’s autofocus also tends to be better than its competitors. Photographers love shooting action with Canon cameras due to their amazing image stabilization features. Because of the autofocus and high quality stabilization, Canon’s are known for having very little blur. Canon cameras also tend to have a greater lens selection.


Nikon DSLR cameras tend to be smaller and lighter since they don’t include the autofocus motor on their entry-level DSLRs. Nikon cameras are also known for shooting well in low-light settings with the ISO turned up. Nikon cameras also tend to have better wireless technology than Canon. The Wi-Fi on a Nikon that allows you to transfer images from camera to phone quicker than its competitors.


Sony is known for their video much more than Nikon and Canon. The DSLR video quality on a Sony is very crisp. However Sony has become very known for their compact size cameras. Mirrorless cameras are the future, and sony seems to have a head start on that technology.

Just Take Pictures!

At the end of the day, the only way to improve your work is to take more pictures! No camera is perfect, and any great photographer can take breathtaking photos, no matter the camera they’re using.

If you find your improvement as a photographer plateauing, then it might be smart to see what else is out there and how it may improve your photography.

A good camera is a hefty investment, so it’s smart to do your research. But don’t spend time obsessing or stressing over camera specs. Get the camera you want, then spend that energy towards improving your creativity and taking better photos.

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